We were at ITB! Were you?

Learn-WiseGo, The Travel LMS, celebrated its inaugural attendance at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel show. We co-exhibited with the WYSE Travel Federation, and we had a great time!

We learned there is a lot of opportunity for eLearning to benefit multiple facets of the travel industry. Do any of these resonate with you:

Large tour operators need to vet their vendors (e.g. tour guides, bus drivers, accommodation providers). Well-trained and certified vendors ensure the tour operator provides a high quality service that keeps customers coming back.

Hotel and hostels need to efficiently and consistently on-board their staff (e.g. reception, sales, events staff). Hotels and hostels deal with a large volume of staff and often have high turnover. Having a solid training program in place ensures service levels stay high even during periods of change.

Travel associations and groups want to provide paid access to important training and certification. Travel associations are rich founts of knowledge and experience that can be easily shared online. Added bonus: you can sell your courses for an additional revenue stream!

These are just a few of the case studies we uncovered while meeting all the great people at ITB. Stay tuned for more ideas, an in-depth look into the examples above, and to
learn more about our off-the-shelf courses you can use today!

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